The Old Farmer's Almanac Chive Seeds (Heirloom Organic)

Chives have delicate, grass-like leaves with a mild oniony flavor. They'll thrive on a sunny windowsill, or in an outdoor garden where their beautiful, edible flowers will encourage pollinators. Each 1 Gram packet contains approximately 250 premium, non-GMO, heirloom, organic seeds.
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Start outdoors, in a sunny location, once soil has warmed to at least 65° F. Sow seeds 2" apart and 1/4" deep. Soil should be moist, fertile, rich and well-draining. Once seedlings emerge, thin so plants are spaced 4-6" apart. Moisten the soil thoroughly when watering; and water consistently to encourage high yields. Feed every 4-6 weeks. When harvesting cut leaves down to the base, within 1-2" of the soil. Harvest 3-4 times the first year and monthly in subsequent years.

Give your chives a head start! Plant seeds inside 4-6 weeks before the last frost date and then transplant seedlings when they're about 2 inches tall.

Put chives to work in your garden. Chives are great companion plants helping repel carrot flies, aphids, cabbage worms, and other pests.

Wit & Wisdom: Historically, bunches of chives hung in the home were used to drive away diseases and evil. Chives are said to symbolize usefulness. Read The Old Farmer's Almanac Chive Growing Guide!

The Old Farmer's Almanac Organic Chive Seeds

Weight 1 Gram
Country of Origin Italy
Packaging Packet
Seed Type Organic, Non-GMO, Heirloom
Growth Medium Soil
Life Cycle Perennial
Hardiness Zone USDA 3-10
Seed Count Approximately 250 Seeds
When to Plant Early Spring or Indoors
Packed for Year 2021
Planting Depth 1/4 Inch
Plant Spacing 4-6 Inches
Row Spacing 4-6 Inches
Time to Germination 14-21 Days
Time to Maturity / Harvest 80 Days